Lighting the way ahead

Some of you may be upset that the HAG is changing, and I want to explain our reasons, and what you can expect next year. Amandazon, islandfinders and cache crop have formed a committee that will be accepting nominations from all of you, throughout the year. The nominations can be for any trophy, including a planned new one for the most Amazing Creation, and the nominations should be for any cache published this year, that is not one of the HAG XX caches. The committee will make the final choices for winners based on your nominations. There won’t be a huge flood of caches all published on one day, but there will be loads of 2024 caches to choose from.

The main reason for the change is that the South Island is running very short of spaces for new caches. That’s not such a problem for us seasoned cachers, who can archive/replace some, but new cachers do have a tough time finding spots so they can join in the fun of the hide. Also the HAG, bless her, has been running for 20 years, and it seemed like a good time to redesign her.

We will of course continue to hold a HAG BASH at the 6 mile pub, hand out the trophies, and have the chance of a good natter with friends old and new.

We are hoping that this year, and the planned changes, will open up the opportunity for us all to come up with some amazing creations. You know the caches you’ve found that made you go “WOW”? You might want to get ideas from those; or maybe you can come up with wonderful ideas from your own fertile imaginations; either way, let’s see what fun stuff we can scatter about our island.

If you have any suggestions or questions please contact any committee member. Have a great year, and we’ll see you on the trails.

The Hunting


 If you come across a brilliant Camo job, Puzzle cache, Log, Night cache, Trail series, Multi cache or Evil cache (tricky, frustrating or whatever) at ant time throughout the year, please send us your nominees for those Trophies. Have a Blast out there.

The Bash

The HAG BASH Event cache won’t be published until early in December, but we’re hoping (if the COVID situation allows) to be able to have it in person once again at the 6 Mile Pub, on Saturday evening, March 1st, 2025. And again this year children and youth will be welcome to come to the Bash too. The 6 Mile Pub now has  a restaurant license so bring the whole family; (just say how many of you in your “will attend” log so the Pub puts out enough chairs).

Watch for an announcement, though, if we have to resort to a virtual event again!